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Genieten in de Peel.


Natuurpoort De Peel is the access gate to the unique marshland on the border of North Brabant and Limburg. But it is also much more than that. This tourism-recreation business offers a number of lovely, multi-functional rooms for relaxed enjoyment and unforgettable events. It also has a lovely patio and sizeable outdoor area for a range of activities, from archery to dowsing and from mountain biking to Solex tours. 
In the charming restaurant, you can enjoy honest and delicious fresh regional produce, much coming from the neighbours of the Leegveld. And as a nature gate, this is the perfect place as a starting point, stop off, lunch or end point for a walking or cycling tour in the stunning, surrounding natural greenery!

A big fat ten!
Natuurpoort De Peel welcomes an extremely varied group of people: families, couples, walkers, cyclists, tourists and revellers enjoy themselves in the informal, hospitable ambiance. For example, in the charming Huiskamer, the cosy Restaurant or Het Streekatelier, which is a lovely large room where you can go with groups of up to 250 (!) people for a great party or dinner. If you would rather go to a small hut on the heath, opt for De Kruidenhut. It is the perfect location for a party close to the countryside or for a barbecue on your private patio. Combined with a thrilling GPS tour that generated the following enthusiastic review: ‘Excellent food (we had a BBQ outside) and extremely friendly serving staff. The GPS tour in the surrounding Peel region is a MUST. A big fat 10!

Golden Green Key Certificate
Numerous exceptional plants grow in the alternating landscape of De Peel. Wander or cycle past pools, plains, woods and sand ridges in one of the richest bird areas in Western Europe. It is a stunning walking and cycling area with a rich history of peat extraction. A visit to Natuurpoort De Peel is perfect in combination with Museum de Wieger, a walk through the Toon Kortoomspark, a visit to Holten’s Molen (windmill) or to the 15th or 14th century gothic St Willibrorduskerk (church) in Deurne.

Restaurant & Terrace
Make a reservation in advance if you want to be sure of a spot.

For groups
Outside of our opening hours, we open for groups upon reservation.
At Natuurpoort De Peel, you can reserve many activities, ranging from the Great Peelspel, archery or air gun shooting, to cycling, solex, or hiking tours in this lovely envirement.