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Mooie samenwerkingen op het Leegveld.

Cooperation Het Leegveld

Local and regional products

We, as Natuurpoort De Peel, have a nice cooperation with our neighbours. A number of passionate entrepreneurs live in the street and this is how Coöperatie Het Leegveld came into being. This allows us to strengthen each other and allows you, our guest, to enjoy genuine regional products, straight from the source, from farmers a few hundred metres away.  

For instance, in our street we have the van Leeuwen-Manders family with a beautiful dairy farm. At their farm, you will find a milk tap with naturally fresh cow's milk. Fill a cup or take a bottle home. The other products of Coöperatie Het Leegveld are also on sale here.  
Fresh cow's milk from the van Leeuwen-Manders family is used to make cheesecake, yoghurt and cheese. 

Hans van Rijswick also lives here on the Leegveld. He has a great passion for gardening, nature and everything that goes with it. Among other things, his garden is filled with edible plants and berries. We incorporate these berries into our dishes as much as possible. An ongoing project is the brewing of a special beer with berries from the Leegveld. Hans has also provided the first Leegveld bee hive for delicious honey!

Family van Helmond, a young family with a wonderful pig farm where the pigs have plenty of space. Rob van Helmond's free-range pigs: "too crazy to run free". From time to time we incorporate the meat into our dishes, keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for these special dishes.