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Other locations

Transport to any of the locations is possible by arrangement. All these activities can also be combined well with the rental of mountain bikes, solexes or various other bicycles.

Murder in Deurne
Go back to the year 1925 and try to solve the cold case. Read through the documents; check the suspects' alibis, witness statements and other evidence. Together in groups of up to five people, try to solve the murder as it happens.
2-hour activity including walking tour of approximately 1 hour.
€12.50 per person including 1 consumption.
Café D'n Borrel (Helmondseweg 2, Deurne) or Restaurant Het Dinghuis (Haageind 39, Deurne).

Excursion with guided tour of the German Military Cemetery in Ysselsteyn.
The cemetery on the Timmermansweg in Ysselsteyn is the largest military cemetery in the Netherlands. A total of 31,598 German soldiers are buried here, most of them killed in World War II but there are also 85 fallen from World War I. There are also Poles, Russians and Dutch buried who served in the German forces. Men, women and children who were interned in Vught camp immediately after the war are also buried here.
A tour of the cemetery by a knowledgeable guide is well worthwhile. Because of the unfortunately sometimes gruesome, but always impressive stories that give the long rows of anonymous-looking crosses a human face.
€ 55 per group - 60 minutes.

Excursion Holten's Mill 
Holten's Molen (Veldstraat 39, Deurne) offers various excursions and guided tours in and around the mill. You will get to know the grain mill, the oil mill and the sawmill. Several interesting excursions are possible, feel free to ask about the possibilities.
In consultation, transport to or from Holten's Mill is possible.
From € 2.50 per person - 60 minutes.