Offerte aanvragen
Solexen, fietsen, gps-wandeltochten en meer.

Outdoor activities

Archery - Groups up to 10 people €95 per group. From 11 people €9.50 per person - 60 minutes
Who can score the most points with a real arrow and bow? Perfect for competitive company parties or family days.

Dowsing - €85 per group
Despite its somewhat vague image, it's not a spiritual activity; rather, it's an almost technical explanation of earth rays, magnetic fields, and energies. Of course, you will also get to try it out for yourself with the dowsing rods. Some participants may not be able to get the rods to move, but perhaps someone among you has a natural talent or feeling for it. In any case, it's a fun group activity, with respect for the person giving the explanation.

Mountain biking - €15 per person per day
Get active in the woods or take a long ride through De Peel nature reserve on our sturdy mountain bikes. Choose your own route or use one of our suggested routes. There are showers available at Natuurpoort De Peel if you need them.

Solex tours - Starting from €32 per person.
Take a nostalgic ride through the authentic Peel villages of Helenaveen and Griendtsveen on our vintage solex mopeds.If you only want to rent the solex mopeds and not use a package or if you have less than 10 people, please contact our rental company directly at

*Tandem tour - From 12 people €15 per person per day.
Our tandems are perfect for exploring the beautiful surroundings of De Peel. We have some great routes ready, but you can of course choose your own path.

*Train bike - From 12 people €15 per person per day
Take a fun ride together on one long bike with the whole group. This activity is suitable for all ages, and there are child seats available for the little ones.

*We rent these bikes from another organization. The number of bikes can be adjusted up to 1.5 weeks in advance. Please note: In case of cancellation, such as due to bad weather, 50% of the cost will be charged.