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Genieten in de Peel.


Sung in beautiful songs, described in novels. De Peel leaves much to the imagination.

Located on the Deurnesche Peel nature reserve and close to the former cranial settlements of Helenaveen and Griendtsveen, Natuurpoort De Peel leads to a unique marshland area on the border of North Brabant and Limburg. Countless unusual plants grow in this varied landscape of ponds, plains, woods and sand ridges. It is one of the richest bird areas in Western Europe and a beautiful walking and cycling area. There are various walking routes in the immediate surroundings, with the three-kilometre-long 'Mussenkeetpad' (Sparrow's nest path), which leads right through the rugged Peel area, as an absolute must. This footpath connects the Leegveld, the canals and Griendtsveen.

So in our Peel region there are wonderful routes for walking and cycling. Well-signposted via the network system. At our place, you can pick up these routes for free.

At Natuurpoort De Peel, visitors can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in peace and quiet. On the terrace, with a view of the countryside, or cosily inside by the fireplace.