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Een barbecuepakket, high tea en meer!


Gourmet packages
Fully catered gourmet packages for home. The packages include vegetables, potatoes, salads, bread, and sauces, so you don't have to go to the store.
Pick up your package at Natuurpoort De Peel and enjoy all the deliciousness! View the options here

Lunch and brunch packages
An extensive brunch or lunch at your home to surprise someone during the day or to treat yourself!
View our lunch and brunch options here. Options lunch and brunch. 
Prefer a picnic? You can find it here

Barbecue packages
Home BBQ kit
Pick up the package with meat, salads, sauces, bread, and spreads at Natuurpoort De Peel, so you don't have to go to the store. Options BBQ

Cobb barbecue (tabletop barbecue)
Don't have a BBQ at home? Choose a kit that includes a tabletop barbecue. Options: Cobb BBQ

High Tea
Celebrating something special, catching up with friends, or just because you can?
Enjoy our High Tea at home with one order that includes everything you need for an extensive High Tea. Options: High Tea

Butcher shop
This year, we started selling regional fresh products from our own butcher shop. 
We sell meat toppings, appetizer sausages, meat products for a meal at home or for the barbecue, fresh from our butcher shop.
Options: Butcher shop